Dear Younger Me,

You will make mistakes in life and often wish you could have a chance to do certain parts over. My desire in writing this book was to share some of my mistakes and to encourage you. Dare to dream, know your strengths as well as your weak- nesses, and do something every day that is life-giving. 

My sincere hope is for you to someday encourage others by sharing the lessons you have learned on your journey, that it may save them from some of the angst that you experienced. Remember to take in daily doses of encouragement and journal. If you counter your regrets, you will grow into completeness. I challenge you to start wonder what completeness might look like as part of God’s plan for you. Who knows, maybe you will write a book someday.

With sincere encouragement,


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Praise for
"J is for Journey to Joy"

Dana locates the intersection of everyday experiences and the everlasting Word of God and weaves them into a beautiful book from A to Z. Her thoughtful, inviting insights and questions welcome the reader to pause, ponder, and prayerfully consider what new joys the Spirit might cultivate in their heart and soul. 

As a pastor, church consultant, retreat speaker, and spiritual director, I'll be recommending this book often!

Rev. Dr. Courtney Grager 
Pastor of Connections

In this down-to-earth and very honest reflection of experiences that shaped her life, Dana offers all of us, no matter what stage we find ourselves in, encouragement to press forward with courage into joy. Her winsome walk through the alphabet and her provocative poems and reflection suggestions come together to create a true work of art that will nourish and bless your soul.

Marilyn Vancil, author of Self to Lose - Self to Find: Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your True, God-Gifted Self

Dana Meier's J Is for Journey to Joy is one of the first books that simply yet powerfully encourages and guides readers through the joys and sorrows we naturally encounter in life. Her authentic connection to the powerful insights lovingly doled out from A-Z ring true loud and clear. Each chapter leaves you with a smile, a song in your heart, and questions to reflect on each day you treat yourself to a new letter.

Brenda Zane

Founder, The Stream Community & Hopestream podcast

Mayo Clinic Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Over the years, Dana cultivated a posture of listening for God's invitations. In J is for Journey, Dana shares her experience, reminding us  to  exercise compassion and grace for ourselves and others. She affirms each woman's worth, inviting us to remember  each of us is enough. We are God's beloved. Using poetry, music, journaling Dana created a whimsical way for the reader to likewise develop a posture of discerning the next step to take in our evolving journeys. I am thankful Dana chose to be brave and act on God's nudges to share this book with us.

Kimberly Nollan, Ph.D.
Research Analyst

Reading J is for Journey to Joy is like being invited to Dana Meier’s patio table for a gentle, honest conversation among friends. 
Mile markers in the Christian journey, hers and our own, rise up and bring with it laughter, embarrassment, illumination, comfort and hope.  Spend a few minutes with this book and you can almost sense the welcoming smell of her coffee and the deep warmth of a friend.

Rick Bundschuh  
Author: Soul Surfer, Deep Like Me

With authenticity, grace, and a pinch of sass, Dana generously invites us into her life and shares the treasures she discovered journeying as a woman, wife, mom, daughter, and follower of Christ. Each theme she tackles in J is for Journey to Joy is meaty and relevant, while also being bitesize enough to consider over your morning coffee. As you read about God's faithfulness amidst the challenges of real life, the journal prompts will help you create space to consider how God is speaking to you.

Libby Chapman
Spiritual Director